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Dr. Jayashree venkataram was a guest speaker at IMCAS Asia, at Bangkok (International masters course on ageing skin, where she spoke on Tumescent liposuction, Indian experience.

Dr. Jayashree is on the faculty of World congress of Dermatology Argentina in October 2007

Dr. Jayashree is on the guest faculty of World congress of Liposuction, Dubai in October 2007

Dr. Jayashree Venkataram has contributed chapter in the book Step by Step dermatosurgery.

Recently machines have been marketed with claims of decreasing fat by ultrasound machines.These are expensive machines needing further evaluation.

What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a technique of administration of drugs in to the inner layers of skin called dermis and fat layer. It was first described a French doctor called Dr Pistor who described it for pain management in 1952. The technique has been extended to treatment of several other diseases including fat reduction. The technique consists of using a specialized gun to inject small quantities of drugs . In mesolipolysis, substances such as phosphatidyl choline and desoxy choline( which is a bile acid secreted by gall bladder), are used to destroy fat cells in small deposits of fat.

Is this an accepted form of treatment?
The technique has been advocated and advertised as a nonsurgical method of fat reduction and has received wide press coverage in media and internet. However, the technique is yet to receive approval by FDA in USA and UK. Proper supporting data and proof for its efficacy are lacking. Full scientific information about several drugs used in mesotherapy is not available. Also, the treatment is expensive, needs multiple injections and involves several sessions over many months. Hence further research and experience is needed before it can be accepted as a standard form of treatment.

What is Laser lipolysis?
Recently a laser called Nd Yag laser has been advocated for distruction of fat . The technique is new, needs further evaluation regarding its efficacy , is expensive and at present can be regarded as a modality only for small deposits of fat.

Our recent publications:
Chapter :Step by step liposuction in the book Step by step Dermatosurgery published by Jaypee publications, New Delhi

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Dr. Jayashree attended a training course on liposuction under Marc Pelosi at new Jersey USA in september 2009.She underwent training in advanced liposuction, abdominoplasty under local anesthesia, and fat transfer.
We now offer fat transfer to needy patients. Fat transfer is useful to fill up defects on face, neck etc. Since fat is obtained form the patient himself/herself, it is safe and there is no possibility of allergic reactions.
She also delivered lectures on liposuction at Dermacon 2009, the national conference of Indian association of dermatologists ,venereologists an leprologists(IADVL). A lecture on liposuction with video demonstration was delivered at Indore conference of Association of cutaneus surgeons, in November 2008. She will also deliver a lecture at international congress of dermatology, Prague.
Dr. Jayashree has published an article on tumescent liposuction in the Journal of cutaneus and aesthetic surgery (